As a New Jersey Wedding Photographer, I'm passionate about creating visuals that tell stories. To me, photography is like poetry - it can be interpreted in its own unique way by whoever is looking at the photograph. Every single image captures something special - moments of joy and laughter, tender embraces and expressions of love.

I am passionate about what I do, every single image I take is an opportunity to capture something beautiful.

Hello, I am Andre Morgan

Love, I believe you have to know, in order to witness it in others. There are so many forms and shapes of love. It can be found through life experiences, friendship, dating, marriage and parenthood. And sadly, through heartbreaks. With each stages, it unlocks levels of affection and care. Believe me, I have experienced a few. My name is Andre Morgan, allow me to witness and help you preserve the most dear and happy moments of your life, Your wedding , your love, and your story.

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